About Me

Hi – my name is Mark Brooks I work for West Lothian Council where I use databases and digital mapping to track and manage a variety of information broadly around the theme of Planning. In my spare time I try to get out windsurfing and enjoy wandering around Edinburgh.

Born :     End of 1970

Lives :    Edinburgh

Want to get in contact? : markb222@gmail.com

Always interested in working with people doing exciting projects. Please feel free to get in contact.

Interests : Programming / Database Design / Accountancy / Engineering / Russian along with various sports.

A bit about the sitename:

Round Up the Usual Suspects

It’s a line from Cassablanca – there was a discussion in the office when I was just getting started with my site and a colleage mentioned a line from the film Where Eagles Dare – “Broadsword calling Danny Boy” delivered by Richard Burton. Don’t know why but it struck as being very memorable – Come the site I was looking for something memorable but not maybe so overtly focused on war – Cassablanca it was.



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