In the beginning

Ok time to do something new – I’ve been writing a diary for years nothing particularly personal just notes mainly on the work that I am doing and how to get things done. Ordinarily it runs to detailed technical notes on practical items particurly about database design but there is the odd discussion about frustrating road blocks work related or otherwise. The internet really has been a revelation for me a fact I’ve come to more greatly appreciate recently, it has changed my work practices completely and in particular how I tackle problems. The majority of my best work has been achieved with support and help from complete random individuals often on a one off basis with either reference to their work listed on their own blogs or from direct discussion with talented individuals on forums. In addition I have been fortunate to work with a number of talented colleagues on some challenging projects who have both encouraged and collaborated with me in creating what I believe to be some useful outcomes. Ultimately I believe the future is software and I am enjoying trying to be part of that future this is the space for me to write about that.

So the name

Round up the usual suspects

It’s a line from Cassablanca – we had a discussion in the office the other day and someone mentioned a line from the film Where Eagles Dare “Broadsword calling Danny Boy” delivered by Richard Burton. Don’t know why but it struck as being very memorable – Come the blog I was looking for something memorable but not maybe so overtly focused on war – Cassablanca it was. Doubtless only a select few will view this site – who knows maybe one day I’ll meet some of you and it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I immediately liked it which seems like as good a reason as any for a name.