MS Access VBA Function – Automated Multiple Query Object Creation from previously created table of SQL

This completes the task of taking automatically generated SQL previously placed in a table and writes the SQL therein to Query Objects naming them automatically. This has several advantages to cut and paste –

1) Its Lightning Quick
2) Completely consistent naming
3) Cut and Paste can be awkward with the windows
4) Its just fun

To created the NestedIIfs table see this post

MS Access VBA Function – Creating NestedIIFs

This is the post on writing Query Objects directly

MS Access – Automated Single Query Object Creation

It requires that you have a table called T005NestedIIFs
with the populated fields

Public Function WriteNIFQueryObjects(LCounter As Long) As String

Dim rstX As DAO.Recordset
Dim QName As String
Dim qdf As Variant
Dim strSQL As String
Dim LCountStart As Long

LCountStart = LCounter

Set rstX = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("T005NestedIIFs")

Do Until rstX.EOF = True
qdf = rstX!SQLField
QName = "Q" & LCounter & rstX!TargTable & "-" & rstX!Targfield & "-Update"
LCounter = LCounter + 1
Set qdf = CurrentDb.CreateQueryDef(QName, rstX!SQLField)



MsgBox "Query objects written to Database numbers starting" & LCountStart

End Function

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