022 Postgres – Setting up starting variables in psqlrc

So how do we adjust the defaults for the command line prompt in psql Postgres

Set up your psqlrc defaults

Go to the command prompt and navigate to the following directory


and either find or create a file called


This is a simple text file that you can edit or create in notepad.

--psqlrc set preferences--
-- Author Mark Brooks --

\set QUIET 1

\x auto

\pset border 2
\pset pager off
\pset null <NULL>
\setenv editor 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Notepad++\\notepad++.exe'
\set VERBOSITY verbose

\set QUIET 0

\echo 'Welcome to PostgreSQL \n'
\echo 'Type :version to see PostgreSQL version \n'
\echo 'Type :extensions to see the available extensions'

\set version 'SELECT version();'
\set extensions 'select * from pg_available_extensions;'

This allows you for instance to set up which editor will appear when you perform the \e command

Author: Mark

Mark Brooks a forty something individual working and living in and around Edinburgh